Hello October!

Hello Parents & Friends,

It has been a few weeks since our last preschool update. We have been so busy each day at StayNPlay, that I almost don’t even know where to begin.
Let’s see . . .  our class Dinosaur unit ended last week. We talked about the dinosaurs having become “extinct”. The children were excited to pretend to be “paleontologists” for a few days. They loved hammering and chiseling the dinosaurs out of frozen ice, rubbing for hidden dinosaur plates, making dinosaur fossils and searching for / putting together dinosaur skeletons.


20130924_101232I was so impressed with how the children were able to learn and remember specific details about each different type of dinosaur.

We are now in the month of October and we have started talking about Monsters and Halloween. Our goal for this month is to really highlight “emotions”. We have been discussing what it is like to feel scared, sad, happy, angry, etc.

Over the past week we have read about monsters, built monsters, sorted monsters by color, weighed monsters with scales,  counted monster eyes and pretended that we were in-fact, monsters ourselves!



The letters of the alphabet that we will focus on this month are letters M, F, P, N. Our class is very good at identifying these letters along with each letter’s sound. We are just brushing up on some lowercase recognition, sorting words that begin with each letter and working very hard to practice printing these letters.




Recently, we added a “word wall” to our classroom. I am so proud of our little learners and it is very rewarding to see how proud of themselves they are to “read” books that contain these words. So far, our class has studied the words – I, can, see, a, it & is.
You can help your child by pointing out these words anytime you see them throughout the day.



Well parents, I believe that pretty much brings you up to speed. Today is Tuesday, October 8th. Thursday & Friday of this week are both “Pajama Days”. The children are encouraged to wear their favorite pair of pajamas to school for a pretend sleepover party. We will discuss our pajamas and talk about (sequence) our bedtime routine. We also plan to learn about “bats”.  Next week we will have two days for “show & tell”. Please refer to the paper in your child’s daily folder for details.

Thank you for being a part of our StayNPlay family.
Mrs. Cathy & StayNPlay Preschool Team!




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Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex


We’ve been learning so much about Dinosaurs at StayNPlay lately! Our preschool class is becoming quite the group of “Dino Experts”! It is so rewarding to hear the children talk about the things that they have learned in class.

Our study over the past few weeks has mostly focused on dinosaur sizes, dinosaur names and what different types dinosaurs liked to eat. We’ve also learned some about dinosaur eggs and how some mother dinosaurs cared for their babies.

Some wonderful new vocabulary words have come out of our daily class discussions. We’ve been talking about the words “enormous”, “extinct” and “hatched” – just to name a few.

circle time


Next week (9/23 – 9/27) will be the last week of our dinosaur study. We will learn about what it means to be a “paleontologist”. We plan to dig for bones and put together dinosaur skeletons. We’ll also talk about and study fossils!


Students have been working hard to correctly spell and write their first names and also the first letter of their last names. Last week we made name plates to place above the work that we display on our hallway wall for parents to see.


20130918_092330Students enjoy “signing in” each morning. Once they are finished “signing in” (tracing their names), we hang their sign in sheets up on our wall so that we can see who is present in class on that day. They enjoy having their names called and yelling out “here”.

Correctly forming numbers and the letters of the alphabet is hard work and takes lots of practice. Each week we practice in many fun and exciting ways. This week the children enjoyed writing on our dry erase boards, chalk boards and in shaving cream! We became quite silly with our shaving cream and ended up wearing quite a bit of it . . . but at least we had fun and smelled fresh afterwards 🙂


Have you noticed your children talking about the days of the week? Months of the year? What season it is? They’ve been very interested in helping with the calendar each day. We sing calendar songs, talk about different events that occur in each month and the children each take turns placing our magnets on the calendar. They love participating and taking an active role in setting up the calender each day.



Thank you for being a wonderful StayNPlay family. We look forward to sharing more with you next week.

StayNPlay Preschool Team.


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To School With Dinosaurs



If your child attends StayNPlay during our preschool hours, you may notice them coming home and talking some about Dinosaurs! We are “Back to School with Dinosaurs” and we’ve been having a BLAST!

Here are some activities your preschool aged child has participated in, while at StayNPlay, over the last few weeks:

Language / Literacy: “How Do Dinosaurs Go To School”, “How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight” & “Dinosaur Days”, are just a few of the books we have been reading in class lately. We’re learning about the title, author and illustrator of each of these books. We’re also learning about other important things from these books; like how to share with friends, cleaning up after ourselves and about good manners.

Students have been working hard on the alphabet each morning. Sequencing letters, matching uppercase with lowercase and listening to letter sounds has dominated our morning early literacy work. The focus for the month of September will be letters “Rr”, “Ss”, “Dd” and “Ll”. We have been sorting words based on their beginning sounds and matching them to the appropriate letters.



Math: Math is all around us! In addition to playing with shapes (building and taking apart) we’re working hard to count using one-to-one correspondence and sequence numbers 1-10. Our class practices counting out loud as a group to number 30.  We count in both English and Spanish. We’ve been sorting dinosaurs according to color and classifying them by type of dinosaur. Pteranodon, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops have been our class favorites so far!  This week we also introduced “sums of five”. We’ve been adding groups of objects together to make sums of five. The children LOVED this and we are excited to explore this concept further.



Science: Students have been exploring different sensory materials in our sensory table. They love filling and dumping. Soon we will be introducing new science tools like measuring cups, scales for weight, magnifying glasses, microscopes, etc. We’ve also had fun learning about colors. We’ve identified colors and explored color mixing.







This week our students watching an 8 minute Scholastic video titled “Dinosaur Bones”. They learned a lot about how BIG dinosaurs were and about discovering dinosaur bones and tracks.



We’re having such a wonderful time learning with your children at StayNPlay. We hope that they are enjoying their time with us as well.

StayNPlay Preschool Team!

Preschool classes run each weekday morning at StayNPlay 9m-1pm.
For more information, please contact our facility at 704.640.6797. 

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Back to Preschool 2013-2014



Welcome back to Preschool! We are delighted to have your children learning with us this year at StayNPlay. Our first week of preschool was very busy as students became familiar with our StayNPlay classroom, materials and daily preschool routine.

We talked a lot this past week about the do’s and don’ts of preschool,
including what to bring to school each day.

20130829_103152Students watched a few different video versions of the popular nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. We talked about how while we should not bring our lamb to school, we should bring our backpack, lunchbox and homework folder each day.




As students arrive each morning, there is always plenty of morning work set out and waiting for them to complete. Some of our morning work this past week consisted of working with shapes to build picture cards and completing math puzzles.



We also had a great time exploring art materials such as water colors and ink pads.




This week each student received a folder that will be sent home and returned each day to school. This folder will contain all “take home” work as well as weekly homework to complete and return.

Our homework this week was the “I Am Special” worksheet. This special worksheet about your child will become a page in a class book we are creating titled “I Am Special”. The book will be compiled and placed in the classroom literacy center for your children to read and learn about each other.



We look forward to seeing you again next week!

StayNPlay Preschool Team

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Everyday Math and Science in Preschool

Our preschool classroom is full of future scientists and mathematicians.
Children are naturally curious and it only makes sense for them to ask questions that begin with “What”, “How” and “Why”.  Here is a glimpse of some of the mathematical and scientific activity that has taken place over the past two weeks in StayNPlay preschool.


The children loved exploring magnets and trying to figure out how magnets “work”. They wondered why some magnets would stick together and other magnets would push apart. They thought it was fun to take two repelling magnets and make them “dance” away from each other.

Last week our class discussed the importance of wearing safety goggles to protect our eyes from debris. The children made sure to always put on their safety goggles before conducting any experiment. Above, a child uses sand to try and make the wheels of this device turn.



We had a blast learning about weight. The children used scales to measure and compare the weight of objects in the classroom. We made sure to record our observations. (4 plastic bears weigh MORE than 2 plastic bears!)



One simple and fun experiment our class did last week was a water/ice experiment. The children took a container and filled it with water. They then used a marker to record where the water was in the container. After marking the water the children placed the water filled container into the freezer. When the children took the container out of the freezer they discovered that the water froze into ice and that the ice was higher than the line they marked when it was water. They were amazed by this and had a great time trying to get the ice to melt back to water and go back down to the marked line.


water line


We’re having a blast in preschool. The children learn so much each day. It is truly rewarding to help inspire them and to watch them grow.

Yours Truly,
StayNPlay Preschool Teachers

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Under Water Exploration at StayNPlay Preschool!

This week at StayNPlay we went on an “under water exploration” and the children learned all about animals that live in water and mostly about animals at the beach.  One of the main topics we discussed was the differences between animals that live in salt water (at the beach) and animals that live in fresh water (our class fish)!

To help children understand the difference between fresh water and salt water, we began the week by allowing them to taste both water with salt and water without salt. We then recorded which type of water they liked best, as well as some comments about each type of water! 


It was neat to listen to some of the questions children had over the week;
“Why do some animals have to live in salt water?”, “Why do crabs have pinchers?” and one of the teachers favorite questions to receive during the week, “Why does sand stick everywhere when you are at the beach?”. 

Sticky or not, the children had a great time digging in our sand filled sensory boxes. As they buried animals in the sand, we were able to have wonderful class discussions about the types of animals in the boxes. The sand itself was also of much interest to students and they were very excited to learn that this was “real sand from the beach”. 

playing in sand

The students had a lot of fun learning about dolphins. They had a blast using their imagination to “watch for dolphins” from our class boat. 

dolphin watching

One of the most exciting activities this week seemed to be learning about sea turtles.  The children loved relating our “under water exploration” theme this week back to the movie “Finding Nemo”, and they named our sea turtles Crush 🙂

baby sea turtles

We watched several videos on YouTube of sea turtles hatching and we learned about how mommy turtles bury their eggs in the sand and then later the turtles hatch and climb out of the sand.  We watched sea turtles climbing out of the sand and making their way towards the ocean and while watching it we tried to guess how many turtles their were, which exercised the children’s math skills and challenged their conceptual thinking.
      “My favorite part of watching the sea turtle videos was that every time we watched the turtles crawl to the ocean, each child would ask me, “where is their mommy?”  I would explain that the mommy was out in the ocean waiting for their babies to find them and that the babies were very smart and once they got to the ocean they would find their mommy. ” -Mrs. Monica.
It was amazing to listen to the concern our kids had for the safety of the turtles and how they were able to think abstractly and relate themselves to the turtles and their mommies.

drawing animals

After a week of learning by reading, researching, watching animals on the computer and exploring with their senses, the children were ready to draw what the ocean was to them. They worked collaboratively to recreate the sea! They drew animals like jellyfish, clams, clown fish (like Nemo) and more.

under water art

 If you haven’t done so already, we suggest to our parents that you pull up a few ocean videos online at home and watch them together with your children! It is truly a rewarding experience and such fun to do together.  

StayNPlay Extreme Ice Teachers.


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All about the Earth in Preschool

This week at preschool we are celebrating our Earth in honor of Earth Day!
We have been discussing the weather on Earth, as well as the people and animals that inhabit the Earth! We have been talking about the importance of taking care of our Earth environment.



We began our week by observing our new class pets, Harry and Lloyd.
Students have been very excited to watch them swim in their water environment. This week students were able to help care for our new pets by changing out their water. This created a great opportunity to talk abut how cleaning the water was one way we could take care of the fish’s environment.

globe and circle

Circle time has been focused on reading books to learn about ways we can take care of Earth through proper waste and recycling. It has also given us a chance to explore some of the natural elements of our earth such as sticks, wood, rocks and soil.

Students loved sharpening their gross motor skills by playing catch with our giant Earth ball.

sponge painting


Our art project this week has been painting our world.  The kids have learned that blue, green, and yellow represent the water, earth, and sun.  They had a lot of fun painting with sponges to create their own version of Earth.

felt board

We were very impressed by the initiative our kids took during free time.  We used the felt board pictured here during circle time to discuss weather, weather appropriate clothing, and how we stay healthy by wearing the right clothes.  After circle time, our children were so interested in the felt board that they went back to it, gathered around and played together with it.  They talked about all of the different kinds of weather and what happens during weather like rain, or a tornado.

Felt boards are super easy and inexpensive to make.  Wal-Mart sells felt by the yard or in sheets in the craft section.  You can easily make pieces to go along with story books, or create your own pieces.  These are great additives to reading and learning and a great way for you and your child to do a creative project together.

This link   http://www.kaylaaimee.com/2012/12/how-to-make-your-own-flannel-board-free-printables/ includes instructions and printables to make your own flannel board at home!  Give it a try and send us some pictures of you and your little one playing!  We’d love to share them on our blog!


4/25-4/26: Progress reports sent home.
4/30/13  Family Skate Day at Extreme Ice Center – 12pm-1pm
5/10/13: Spring Portraits begin at 9:00am – Sign up for your time slot.
5/13-5/17: Parent / Teacher Conferences. Sign up for your time slot.


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